Yamaha Golf Cars

Drive2 QuietTech EFI
  • QuieTech EFI technology
  • Independent rear suspension
  • Automotive dash with USB ports
Drive2 PowerTech AC
  • Best hill-climbing ability
  • Independent rear suspension
  • Delta-Q charger
  • Larger utility dump bed
  • Under-hood storage
  • Large, 20-inch tires
UMAX Range Picker
  • Diamond-webbed steel cage
  • Impact-resistant windshield
  • Powerful 402cc engine
UMAX Bistro
  • Four-lid ice chest
  • Sliding snack tray
  • Slanted Merchandise shelves
Concierge 4
  • Widest bench seats in class
  • Automotive-style dashboard
  • Quiet, low-emission engine



Yamaha Golf Cars

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