Rotary SPO10 Two-Post Lift
  • Extended height models available
  • Customizable arms and adapters
  • 10,000 lb capacity
Rotary ARO14 Four-Post Lift
  • Open font alignment rack
  • Air Filter/Regulator/Lubricator
  • 14,000 lb capacity
Rotary SL210 Inground Lift
  • 2x faster rise and descent
  • Laser-assisted spotting
  • 10,000 lb capacity
Rotary MCHF14 Mobile Column Lift
  • Wireless remote-controlled system
  • Flex MAX single column controls
  • 14,000 lb capacity
Rotary SPOA10 Two-Post Lift
  • Asymmetric lift
  • Vehicle Spotting Speed & Ease
  • 10,000 lb capacity
Rotary RLP77 Scissor Lift
  • Low Profile
  • Double Section
  • 7,700 lb capacity
Challenger CL10V3 Lift
  • Versymmetric® technology
  • 10,000 lb capacity
  • DirectSPOT™ design
Challenger CLFP9 Two-Post Lift
  • Symmetric lift
  • Low ceiling applications
  • 3-stage front, 3-stage rear



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