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Rotary MCHM19 Mobile Column Lift

Rotary FLEXMAX feature column capacities at 18,800 lbs. and 14,000 lbs. in multiple configurations.

Service everything from light-duty passenger vehicles to heavy-duty trucks. This electro-hydraulic system with adjustable lifting forks can be operated in both odd and
even groups of columns.

Battery operated with on-board charger - no power cords to clutter up the service bay. 24V DC batteries with 110V charging system. Group of 2. Batteries purchased separately for international use.

Inverted hydraulic cylinder rod located inside the carriage, protects chrome piston rod from debris and damage. 

Easy to move adjustable forks improve set up time. 

Spring loaded steering and braking system eliminates the need to manually operate the jacks. Automatically prevents movement on sloped floors.

Digital column gauges display vehicle height and weight Forklift pockets provide convenient way to relocate columns within your shop.

All models are ALI Gold Certified.


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RedFire’s exclusive software eliminates the need for cords, keys or chips. Wirelessly control the lift from anywhere in your shop.

Faster Setup
For faster setup and operation, techs simply follow the control commands. And the remote control auto-detects and connects when communicating with the columns.

Remote Control
The remote control provides an info screen, a joystick control, a lower-to-lock button, and Press Protect™, which eliminates accidental button presses.

The Flex MAX’s LockLight™ technology features a light on each column that indicates when the lift is set on its locks.



Rise 70” (1778 mm) 
Column Width 45.5” (1156 mm) 
Wheel Rim Size 9”to 24” (228 to 610 mm) 
Clearance/Fork to Column 10” (254 mm)
Speed of Rise 78 seconds
Charging Voltage 110v charger* (2.5 amps max.) 


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