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Polyvance 8203 Nitrogen Welder

The 8203 Nitro-Fuzer® combines Polyvance's most advanced plastic welding equipment with the state-of-the-art Nitrocell nitrogen generator. The system includes everything needed to become immediately productive making strong and fast plastic repairs on virtually any type of plastic. Using nitrogen gas to weld plastic creates superior strength bonds by eliminating oxidation while the plastic is heated.

The 8203 Nitro-Fuzer® simplifies nitrogen plastic welding by using a continuous flow of nitrogen gas. Eliminating the compressed air source allows the welder to run on nitrogen 100% of the time and eliminates the need to switch back and forth from air to nitrogen. Using only nitrogen also helps the heating element last longer by reducing oxidization. Plus, the Nitrocell generator system allows the strongest welds to be made without the worry of ever running out of nitrogen.

The 8203 is a technologically advanced plastic welder capable of welding virtually any type of plastic. The analog flow gauge, precision regulator, and digitally encoded temperature controls allow for precise and consistent welds. A pressure sensor shuts off the power to the heating element if the nitrogen pressure drops below a safe level, reducing the likelihood of accidentally overheating the element. The integrated airless welder is used for smoothing welds and repairing thermoset polyurethane. With the 8203 Nitro-Fuzer®, it's never been easier to make high-quality plastic welds.

The system is shipped completely assembled and requires only a few minutes to set up before use. The Setup and Use video and Quick-Start Guide can be found below. The 8203 is packaged with three welding rod organizer cases filled with a large selection of welding rods, a hand seamer, and aluminum tape. It is covered by a two-year "bumper-to-bumper" warranty covering all parts except the heating elements and misuse.

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  • Internal membrane nitrogen generator.
  • Dual digital encoders for precisely and repeatably controlling the nitrogen temperature.
  • Analog flow gauge for repeatable performance every time.
  • Precision flow valve for nitrogen flow control.
  • Element protection circuitry to help prevent burning out heating elements.
  • Compact, easy-to-handle welding torch gets into tight spots with no user fatigue.
  • Quick-change hose and handle assembly.
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive controls.
  • Integrated airless welder to allow for repair of thermoset PUR.
  • Easily replaceable heating element.
  • Heavy-duty, made-in-USA welding cart with built-in holders for heating elements and tools.
  • Air manifold with auxiliary outlet for attachment of air tools.
  • Integral power strip.


  • Electrical: 110V/60Hz - 750 watts (Max)
  • Shipping Weight: 1 skid - 108 lb. (49Kg)
  • Shipping dimensions: 36.5 in. (L) x 18.75 in. (W) x 40.5 in. (H) - - 93cm (L) x 48cm (W) x 103cm (H)
  • Maximum inlet air pressure: 130 PSI (9 bar)
  • Increasing the air pressure over the minimum pressure improves the purity of nitrogen. Minimum pressures and flow produce 97% pure nitrogen. 99+% pure nitrogen is possible.
  • CLEAN, DRY, OIL-FREE AIR IS MANDATORY! Irreparable damage to the nitrogen membrane will occur if contaminated air is used and will void the warranty.
  • Inspect the filters inside the Nitrocell daily. Drain, clean and/or replace as needed if contaminants are present.

Air Requirements:

Liters per minute (lpm) of N2 Flow at Welder Minimum Required Inlet Pressure Minimum RequiredInlet Flow
10.0 lpm 60.0 psi (4.1 bar) 47.5 lpm (1.7 cfm)
12.5 lpm 70 psi (4.8 bar) 54.5 lpm (1.9 cfm)
15.0 lpm 82 psi (5.6 bar) 64.5 lpm (2.2 cfm)
17.5 lpm 91.0 psi (6.3 bar) 71.5 lpm (2.5 cfm)
20.0 lpm 105.0 psi (7.2 bar) 86 lpm (3.0 cfm)


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Polyvance 8203 Nitrogen Welder

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