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Chief Dust Extractor 63L

Chief Dust Extractor 63L

Filter the air from anywhere!

The CHD3002 works to filter the air in the areas where you make money in, the body repair space. The detachable water tank is easily removable and includes a brass ball valve to empty recovered materials. This unit features a coalescing filter element assembly that has a replacement life of around a year. With optional features like automatic on/off you can customize this dust extractor to meet all your dust removal needs.

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  • 110 CFM of airflow
  • 99.995% efficiency HEPA Filter
  • Optional automatic on/off switch – controlled by a pneumatic hand tool
  • Detachable water tank
  • CSA Certified


Vacuum Pressure 107 inches H2O
Air Flow 110 CFM
Horse Power 1.6 HP
Amperage 10.5 A
Wattage 1200 W
Hertz 60 HZ
Voltage 120 V
Noise Level 75 dB
Weight 180 pounds
Dimensions 25" x 31" x 67" (high)
Plug Included (ordinary location)
Filtration System Immersion Separator Specifications
Dry Recovery  1.3 gallons of dust into 7.9 gallons of neutralizing liquid


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