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Chief Mosaic ADT

Chief and Burke Porter Group have teamed up to create Mosaic ADT (Advanced Diagnostic Technology), the industry's first-ever automated ADAS calibration system that's powered by the same end-of-line technology that OEMs use. Other systems rely on measuring tape, plumb bobs and manual setup – leaving plenty of room for human error. Why risk it?

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Automated – self-diagnostic target and vehicle sensor checks, as well as enhanced radar and laser information sequencing, means no manual measurements or adjustments are required.

Future-Proof – the state-of-the-art software automatically updates with the latest OEM repair procedures before new vehicle models even hit the street. No reverse engineering repair procedures are required.

Accurate – each technician using the Mosaic ADT goes through training and certification to operate the system. Then once the OEM scan tool is plugged in, an ASE-certified technician operates it to facilitate remote diagnostics. This provides an added layer of support and protection to ensure error-free calibrations.

Reduces the Risk of Liability – the Mosaic ADT system captures and records the full calibration process and repair history of a vehicle to document that the OEM repair procedure was followed.

Trusted – product partner Burke Porter Group has almost 30 years of experience developing this same technology that OEMs use for end-of-line calibrations.

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