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Rousseau Shelving with Drawers

Shelving with drawers is a hybrid system that can be used to store both small and large parts in the same unit. By installing this system, you can use up to one-sixth of the space used by traditional shelving solutions.

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  • Functional design that ensures it's easy to use
  • The unique shape of the Spider® post is a Rousseau Metal inc. trademark
  • Patented partitioning system
  • Load capacity and design adapted to storage in most industrial and commercial sectors
  • 100% drawer extension
  • The Rousseau drawer rolling mechanism is covered by a lifetime warranty
  • The unique shape of the R drawer is a Rousseau Metal inc. trademark
  • Versatile structure, to which a wide range of accessories can be added
  • Common post for Mini-Racking and industrial shelving
  • Shelves are adjustable at every inch



Name Shelving with Drawers
Construct Unassembled
Material Painted steel
Products Line Shelving
Drawer Cap. 400 lb
No. Drawers 9
Net Weight 498.55 lb



Width: 36 inches
Height: 87 inches
Depth: 18 inches


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