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ChoiceWash XT Rollover

"How do I give my customers the wash format they prefer?"

With the industry-leading combination soft-touch / touch-free rollover system.

ChoiceWash XT gives you both wash formats on a single platform.
Combines the soft-touch capabilities of our SoftWash XT and the touchless capabilities of our AquaJet XT into a single, complete rollover system. Your wash menu can include friction programs, touch-free programs, and a combination program that commands the highest price.

Experience our patented SofTecs foam that safely and gently cleans and polishes your vehicle to shine like brand new. Our turbo technology contours the vehicle for more contact time and better cleaning. Our combination wash package will not only leave cars Clean, Dry and Shiny, but it will undoubtedly boost your revenue as well.


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  • Offers customers a choice of soft-touch, touchless, or combination wash programs
  • Provides best-in-class cleaning results regardless of the chosen format
  • Up-sells customers with a wide variety of value-added services
  • Tri-color foam to enhance the customer experience.
  • WheelJet brushes or WheelStorm high pressure to thoroughly clean wheels.
  • FoamTecs® foam curtain with multi-color LED light show wows customers.
  • ShineTecs® polish system restores new car shine.




Machine Height without dryer: 123” / 313cm

Machine Height with on-board static dryer: 142” / 360cm

Machine Height with on-board contouring dryer: 128” / 325cm

Machine Width: 150” / 381cm

Machine Depth at top: 72” / 183cm

Machine Depth at bottom: 59” / 150cm

Machine Weight: 3,000 lbs / 1,361kg


Height: 89” / 226cm

Width at mirrors: 105” / 267cm

Width at wheel brushes: 85” / 216cm


Minimum Height without dryer: 125” / 318cm for standard energy chain, 155” / 394cm for narrow bay energy chain option, not including shims

Minimum Height for on-board contouring dryer: 130” / 330cm, not including shims

Minimum Height for on-board static dryer: 144” / 366cm, not including shims

Minimum Width: 178” / 452cm (159” / 404cm with narrow bay option)

Minimum Length for triple-brushing in front and back: maximum vehicle length + 144”/ 366cm

Minimum Length for double-brushing in front and triple-brushing in back: maximum vehicle length + 120” / 305cm


Electrical: 208-230 VAC 60Hz 3ø, 75 amp without dryer

Electrical: 208-230 VAC 60Hz 3ø, 75 amp with 15 HP or 20 HP on-board dryer

Electrical: 208-230 VAC 60Hz 3ø, 125 amp with 30 HP on-board dryer

Minimum Water Pressure: 50 PSI / 3.5 bar

Maximum Water Pressure: 80 PSI / 5.5 bar

Minimum Water Demand: 28 GPM / 106 LPM

Minimum Air Supply: ½” line with 80 PSI/ 5.5 bar

Maximum Air Supply: 120 PSI / 8.3 bar

Air Consumption Demand:

  • Constant 1.5 CFM / 43 LPM
  • Intermittent 3 CFM / 85 LPM
  • Triple Foam: 25 CFM / 708 LPM


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