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Rotary SL210 Inground Lift

Shockwave Equipped Smartlifts come with the SPEED, CHOICE, and RETURN on investment that will help you achieve your goals of greater technician productivity and higher profits. Designed specifically for bays where service time is paramount, Shockwave Equipped lifts are the fastest in the world – and they’re only available from Rotary.

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  • 2X faster rise and descent
  • Patented 110v DC power system with built-in battery charger
  • Spotline™ laser-assisted spotting with motion sensor
  • Your choice of superstructures including the Rotary exclusive TRIO arm
  • Patented Easy Access™ cylinders which allow all routine cylinder maintenance to be done at floor level, reducing downtime and preserving bay revenue
  • Exclusive Smartguard® plungers for time tested durability and performance
  • Exclusive locking system which features a patented polymer and stainless air cylinder for high performance and longevity of lift operation


  SL210-FA SL210-RA SL210-TA
Adapters Flip Up Round Truck
Rise 75 7/8″ – 81 3/8″ 75 7/8″ – 81 3/8″ 75 7/8″ – 81 3/8″
Width Overall 108 1/4″ 108 1/4″ 108 1/4″
Drive-Thru Clearance 88″ 88″ 88″
Reach (min.) 21 1/4″ 19 1/4″ 19 1/4″
Reach (max) 44 5/8″ 41 1/4″ 41 1/4″
Reach (overall arm min.) 58 1/4″ 54 1/2″ 54 1/2″
Reach (overall arm max.) 105″ 99″ 99
Min. Adapter Height 4 7/8″ 4 1/4″ 4 1/4″
Low Step Height 7″ N/A N/A
High Step Height 10 1/2″ 5 3/8″ 5 3/8″
Lifting Capacity Overall 10,000 lbs. 10,000 lbs. 10,000 lbs.
Lifting Capacity (per arm) 2,500 lbs. 2,500 lbs. 2,500 lbs.
Guide Plunger Diameter 8 1/2″ 8 1/2″ 8 1/2″
Voltage Single Phase 208v – 230v 208v – 230v 208v – 230v
Time of Full Rise/Decent 53 secs. / 24 secs. 53 secs. / 24 secs. 57 secs. / 29 secs.
Min. Bay Size 11’x24′ 11’x24′ 11’x24′

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