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Eurovac III 10-100hp Central Vacuum

The Eurovac III system utilizes centrifugal multi-stage pumps which are available from 10 HP to 100 HP, and are capable of producing from 300 CFM to more than 5000 CFM at vacuum levels of 5” to 12” of Hg.  All Eurovac units are of an outboard design, with impellers mounted on a separate shaft supported by two flange mount bearings, and connected to a standard shaft motor via a flexible coupling. This arrangement makes servicing much easier than with overhung models where the impellers are mounted directly on the motor shaft. Also, our 4-bearing outboard design will last far longer than 2-bearing overhung designs.

All Eurovac multi-stage pumps come with automatic lubricators to reduce maintenance.  The Eurovac III is designed to handle tough industrial jobs and will run problem-free all day, every day — with very little maintenance required.

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Common Applications

  • Industrial
  • Body Shop
  • Woodworking
  • Aerospace
  • Detail
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Boatbuilding
  • Transit
  • Military


A separator is designed to remove debris and particles from the air stream before they reach the exhauster. This is necessary to protect the pump from damage. It also prevents contaminants from being released back into the atmosphere. 

For removing sanding dust, we usually use a combination of cyclonic filtration and secondary polyester cartridge filters with automatic compressed air pulse-jet cleaning which permits continuous cleaning while the system is running. This is far superior to the automatic shakers often found on bag house separators which can only clean the filters when the entire vacuum system is shut down. This also applies to manual shakers found on many bag house separators, which require a technician to physically shake or operate a handle in order to clean the filters. 

For situations where water needs to be picked up by the dust extraction system, Eurovac has a range of wet collection pre-separators available. And for use with explosive materials such as aluminum dust, wet mix separators are available.

We use 2” to 12” graduated 14 to 16 gauge steel tubing (depending on the size of the system), long radius bends and joins with expanded ends which fit over the tubing and are secured with heat shrink sleeves. The system is graduated to maintain air flow at approximately 4500 cubic feet per minute. As workers are added to the system, and as two runs come together, the size of the pipe is increased. Metal tubing is superior to PVC or ABS tubing because it has long radius bends and does not generate static electricity. 

Available in single or double wall mount or 2” hanging hose drops. Air line assemblies are available for sanding systems to bring air to the inlets so it is easy for the worker to plug in both the vacuum and the air line at the same time. 

1” or 11 ⁄4” vacuum hoses with integrated air line hoses do not feel very different than just one hose. We try to keep the hose as small as possible to reduce the drag on the hose. We also use swivel cuffs to eliminate the hose “fighting” the tool. 11 ⁄2” hoses are generally used for vacuuming — larger hoses increase the rate of pick up.

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Eurovac III 10-100hp Central Vacuum
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