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JetWash Self-Serve System

“How do I give my do-it yourself customers all the options they want?”

With the industry’s most compact and configurable self-serve system.

Most self-serve equipment is low-tech and cobbled together from off-the-shelf parts. But with Mark VII’s focus on innovation, we combined the best modern technologies to create the most flexible and efficient self-serve system for your business.

Like no other system, JetWash meets your customers’ demanding requirements for wash quality, speed, ease of use and design—what we call the 4DIMENSIONS of a modern carwash.

JetWash delivers an incredible customer experience combined with the business results you require. With its wide range of options and small footprint, no other self-serve system provides the flexibility to address customers’ individual preferences for how they want to clean their cars.


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  • Compact footprint minimizes space needed in the equipment room
    JetWash accommodates up to four bays in a self-contained unit only 56” wide and 24” deep, making it easy to get through a standard-sized door and fit into a small equipment room.
  • Direct Drive Motors
    Direct drive runs smoother and quieter than belts and pulleys while eliminating the maintenance headache of having to regularly adjust them.
  • In-Bay Equipment
    Choose from stainless steel “economy” in-bay gear or upgrade to sleek, polished stainless steel z-booms, brush buckets and wand holders.
  • Variable Frequency Drives
    VFDs allow you to change the pump speed used for each wash function, giving you complete control over water and chemical consumption.
  • Bay Meters
    Accept your choice of coins, tokens, bills and credit cards via multiple integrated card processing solutions.
  • Pre-Plumbed and Pre-Wired
    Intelligent routing of plumbing and wiring gives JetWash a clean look and makes it fast and easy to install, as well as easier to service.

Additional Standard Features

  • High-Pressure Soap
  • High-Pressure Wax
  • Low-Pressure Presoak
  • Low-Pressure Tire Cleaner
  • High-Pressure Rinse
  • Manual Override
  • Rotary Coin Boxes
  • Slugbuster Coin Acceptors
  • Dixmor Timers
  • Vaults
  • 180° and 360° Booms




Height: 70" / 178cm

Width: 56" / 142cm

Depth: 28" / 71cm

(allow 12" of workspace on all sides)


Minimum Water Pressure: 40 PSI / 2.8 bar (flowing)

Maximum Water Pressure: 100 PSI / 6.9 bar (flowing)

Water Demand Per Bay (3hp pump): 3.5 GPM / 13.2 LPM
(plus ancillary demand)

Water Demand Per Bay (5hp pump): 4.5 GPM / 17.0 LPM
(plus ancillary demand)

Minimum Air Supply: ½" line with 80 PSI / 5.5 bar

Maximum Air Supply: ½" line with 150 PSI / 10.3 bar

Air Consumption Demand: 1.5 CFM / 42.5 LPM per bay at 40 PSIm


208–230 VAC, 60/50 Hz

3HP Motors 1ø: 20 amps/bay
3HP Motors 3ø: 11 amps/bay
5HP Motors 3ø: 17 amps/bay

380–415 VAC 50 Hz

3HP Motors 1ø: 20 amps/bay
3HP Motors 3ø: 6 amps/bay
5HP Motors 3ø: 9 amps/bay

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