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Exhaust Hose Reels

Spring Return Hose Reels are an extremely clean looking and versatile option for extracting harmful exhaust fumes and gases from service areas. 

The vehicle exhaust hose is stored on the hose reel drum above the service bay and easily unrolls when ready for use. The reel is ratchet locked into place when
the technician has unrolled enough hose to connect to the vehicles exhaust pipe. With one quick tug, the latch is released and the hose will automatically rewind
around the hose reel drum located above. A hose stop is supplied and installed on the hose to ensure the hose does not completely retract.

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Common Applications

  • New and used car dealerships
  • Truck maintenance facilities
  • Off-road vehicle repair shops
  • Military equipment
  • RV'S, motorcycle, snowmobile shops
  • Engine testing facilities
  • Small motor repairs


  • Heavy duty spring systems (for spring recoil hose reels)
  • Direct drive tube motors eliminate gears and chains (for motorized hose reels)
  • Available hoses up to 2000 degrees F tolerance
  • Hoses available in 3" to 16" in diameter
  • Wide variety of adaptors as per vehicle tailpipe configuration
  • Rugged painted steel construction
  • Systems can be removed from one location and installed in new facility
  • Removes noxious gases from workplace
  • Knowledgeable sales staff for guidance and help in system selection


Hose Diameters:
3 inches to 16 inches
76 mm to 406 mm

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Exhaust Hose Reels

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