About Stephenson

Our History

Founded in 1984 by the Megill-Stephenson Company, Stephenson’s purpose was to meet the strong demand for high quality equipment and services for the automotive industry. Since the beginning, Stephenson has committed to carrying only top quality brands in a variety of different equipment categories and to provide service for these brands.

In the equipment and service industry today, history brings comfort to those who place their trust in you to deliver results. With that in mind, Stephenson understands that your future and the project at hand is more important than your past.

For over 30 years, Stephenson has had the pleasure of helping thousands of customers grow their businesses and succeed. Our experienced and knowledgeable team has a passion for the industry and will continue to exceed expectations for years to come.


Our Mission

Guided by integrity, hard work, and a desire to be number one in all facets of our industry, to supply products and services that consistently exceed our customer’s expectations at a fair price.

Our Vision

To become the standard by which our competitors and customers benchmark themselves.

Our People

Winnipeg Team

Lindsay Penner - Stephenson Equipment Winnipeg

Lindsay Penner

General Manager

Laird Sutherland - Stephenson Equipment Winnipeg

Laird Sutherland

Senior Operations Manager

Tony Musto - Stephenson Equipment Winnipeg

Tony Musto

Service Manager

Call: (204) 831-9633 ext. 221


Randie Aran

Account Manager


Brent Best

Account Manager

Myron Papastergiou - Stephenson Equipment Winnipeg

Myron Papastergiou

Parts Specialist

Call: (204) 204-831-9633 ext. 6233

Steve Dawson - Stephenson Equipment Winnipeg

Steve Dawson

Shipper / Receiver

Don Zimmerman - Stephenson Equipment Winnipeg

Don Zimmerman

Sales Representative

Mike Gottfried - Stephenson Equipment Winnipeg

Mike Gottfried

Sales Representative

Jerry Trach - Stephenson Equipment Winnipeg

Jerry Trach

Service Technician

Bruce Clark - Stephenson Equipment Winnipeg

Bruce Clark

Service Technician

Rod Fehr - Stephenson Equipment Winnipeg

Rod Fehr

Service Technician

Call: (204) 792-0816

Kel Best - Stephenson Equipment Winnpeg

Kel Best

Service Technician

Kevin Tataryn - Stephenson Equipment Winnipeg

Kevin Tataryn

Service Technician

Patrick Hiebert - Stephenson Equipment Winnpeg

Patrick Hiebert

Service Technician

Nathan Misir - Stephenson Equipment Winnpeg

Nathan Misir

Apprentice Technician


Regina Team

Mark Wirth - Stephenson Equipment Regina

Mark Wirth

Branch Operations Manager

Pascal Bouvier - Stephenson Equipment Regina

Pascal Bouvier

Service Technician

Paul Liggins - Stephenson Equipment Regina

Paul Liggins

Service Technician

Rick - Stephenson Equipment Winnipeg

Rick Kirland

Service Technician

Fred Castonguay - Stephenson Equipment Regina

Fred Castonguay

Service Technician

Wayne McEchine - Stephenson Equipment Regina

Wayne McKechnie

Customer Service